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5600 Bintliff  Houston, Texas 77036
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..............since 1979
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Geotest was founded in July 1979 by Dr. V.N. Vijayvergiya to provide personal attention and high quality service in geotechnical engineering and materials testing to private sector clients and government agencies. 

During its thirty year history, Geotest has established a reputation for providing cost-effective and reliable service.  The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and high quality work has resulted in numerous long-term relationships and a substantial amount of repeat business from its clients.  It has also helped Geotest to serve a broad range of industries and clients.

With over thirty employees and full service laboratories, we have the expertise and resources to meet your engineering, testing and inspection needs.

Geotest is a Certified MWBE and HUB firm. The current Owners of Geotest are Ravi Raj Yanamandala, Kuo-Chiang Frank Lin and Mohan Ballagere.