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5600 Bintliff  Houston, Texas 77036
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..............since 1979
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Ravi Raj Yanamandala,  P. E.       Administration and                    Construction Material Testing
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Mr. Yanamandala is President of Geotest. He also serves as Manager of Construction Materials Testing. Mr. Yanamandala has over thirteen years of experience in managing a variety of construction projects. He has additional expertise in risk management and customer relation management as well as being and entrepreneur and business development manager.

Kuo-Chiang “Frank” Lin, P.E.               Principal - Engineering
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Mr. Lin is Sr. Vice President of Geotest. He also serves  as Chief Engineer and Project Director with over thirty years of experience in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Quality control/Quality assurance inspection and testing services,
and Construction Management.

Mohan Ballagere, P.E.                      Geotechnical
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Mr. Ballagere is Vice President and manager of geotechnical and environmental engineering with over sixteen years of experience in Geotechnical Engineering/Environmental Engineering, Quality control/Quality assurance inspection and testing services.

V.N. Vijayvergiya, Ph.D.,  P. E.       Consultant
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“Dr. Vijay” is Consultant of Geotest. He has over forty years of experience and has guided Geotest’s growth since its inception. He is well known for his expertise in geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing.

The management is supported by a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals and certified technicians.