Ravi Raj Yanamandala, P.E., is the President of Geotest Engineering and has over 25 years of wide-ranging civil engineering and project management experience.  He has managed a variety of projects including airports, highways, county/city roads, water and wastewater plants, bridges, hospital buildings, and residential/commercial development.  Ravi’s core functions include business strategy, client relationships, project management and contract administration.  Ravi has a wealth of experience in business turn-around, venture start-ups and mentoring small businesses in various industries.  Geotest has grown to over 65 employees under Ravi’s leadership while serving clients around Greater Houston and around Texas.





Frank Kuo-Chiang Lin, P.E., Sr. Vice President, Principal and Project Director for Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Services. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the States of Texas, California and Massachusetts. Frank has over 41 years of wide-ranging engineering and management experience on various civil/geotechnical projects. He has provided successful leadership and engineering in support of the design and construction of many outstanding projects Frank is an accomplished engineer and has developed many unique engineering solutions, expertise in geotechnical engineering, and innovative and cost-effective approaches for many of the distinguished projects in his professional career.





Mohan Ballagere, P.E., Vice President, Principal and Sr. Project Manager for Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Services.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.  Mohan has over 26 years of geotechnical engineering and management experience on various projects including highways; airports; educational and medical facilities; commercial and residential buildings; rivers, canals and waterways; storm water handling facilities; sewer collection treatment and disposal and water supply and treatment.  Mohan oversees several geotechnical engineers and technicians and coordinates with several public agencies and private owners for successful project completion.  Mohan manages the projects’ cost and provides cost effective approaches while in constant communication with clients.




Madhu Munirathnam, P.E., Vice President, and QA/QC Manager of Construction Materials Testing/Engineering Department. He is responsible for the laboratory and field operations as well as supervision of field technicians and staff engineers.  Madhu has over 28 years of experience and has been involved with quality control/quality assurance inspection and testing services for over 18 years and in construction and project management for another 10 years.  He has extensive experience in soils and earthwork construction, pavement materials, foundation and road and bridge construction.  Madhu has been dealing with almost all the government public works agencies in the Houston and surrounding areas for over 18 years and is extremely familiar with all aspects of Construction Materials Testing operations of every possible nature in the region.