Geotechical Engineering


Geotest provides geotechnical services including field investigations, laboratory testing and engineering analyses.  For any geotechnical related work, our technical staff visits the proposed project site and assesses the requirements such as access, drilling requirements and any other special needs. Once the proposal is approved by the owner, our drilling team contacts utility locating companies to ensure any and all utilities onsite are properly marked as safety is of paramount importance to Geotest. Drilling operations begin after the boring locations are accurately marked by the surveying crew. An experienced logger collects the samples and soon after, testing begins at the lab.  Our qualified and skilled technical engineers thoroughly analyze the soil data and lab results and provide Geotechnical Design recommendations for foundation and other structures.  Based upon the project scope and site conditions, Geotest will use the most appropriate equipment and available resources to perform the necessary tasks for the project.  The geotechnical staff is available at short notice even during design and construction phases to provide any assistance as required.  Geotest’s geotechnical services and capabilities include:

  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Engineering and Consulting
  • Construction Monitoring and Support/Geotechnical Instrumentation