Flood Plain Management (F)

  • regional detention studies
  • flood studies
  • outfall drainage
  • storm sewer systems
  • open channel drainage systems
  • pump stations
  • detention sites
  • levee widening
Mud Gully Stormwater Detention Basin HCFCD Unit A520-03-00, Harris County Precinct 1, Harris County Flood Control District
Vogel Creek Conveyance Improvements
Town Creek Drainage Improvements; City of Huntsville, Texas
HCFCD Project ID D100-00-00-E010, Job 17/0117, Brays Bayou Federal Flood Control Project, DS 109, 2200 Upstream of Buffalo Speedway to 2600 upstream of S.Rice Avenue; Precinct 1 & 3
Channel Repairs to White Oak Bayou (HCFCD ID # E100-00-00-X047) from Beltway 8 to north of diversion Channel at Kevindale
Requested Service No. 01, Repair of Slope Failure at HCFCD Unit N100-00-00
Glen Forest Regional Detention Basin Harris County Flood Control District Unit P500-08-00
HCFCD Hurrican Harvey Disaster Recovery Projects; Project ID: Z100-00-00-X265; KIT; Harris County, Texas
HCFCD Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery Projects; Id: Z100-00-00-X266; Halff; Harris County, Texas
Brays Bayou – Braeburn Glen to Eldridge (BR26): City of Houston Parks Board
Hunting Bayou; Houston Parks Board; Houston, Texas